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Product Overview:

Celebrate special milestones with our elegant and customizable Celebration Number Cake. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and any significant event, this cake is crafted to impress and delight.

Key Features:

 1. Customizable Numbers:

 • Choose any number or combination of numbers to represent your special occasion.
 • Available in single-digit or multi-digit options.

 2. Delicious Flavors:

 • Vanilla: A classic and timeless choice.
 • Chocolate: Rich and decadent for chocolate lovers.
 • Custom flavors available upon request.

 3. Beautiful Decorations:

 • Decorated with fresh fruits, edible flowers, macarons, and chocolate pieces.
 • Personalized messages or names can be added.
 • Available in a variety of themes and color schemes to match your celebration.

 4. Premium Ingredients:

 • Made with high-quality, fresh ingredients.
 • No artificial flavors or preservatives.
 • Gluten-free and vegan options available.

 5. Sizes to Suit Your Needs:

 • Small (serves 8-12)
 • Medium (serves 12-20)
 • Large (serves 20-30)
 • Custom sizes available upon request.

Ideal For:

 • Birthday parties
 • Anniversaries
 • Milestone celebrations
 • Corporate events
 • Graduation parties

Ordering Information:

 • Lead Time: Please place your order at least 48 hours in advance.
 • Customization: Provide details on the number, flavor, theme, and any specific decorations or messages.
 • Delivery & Pickup: On the web shop you can order delivery within 15 km from Valhøjs Alle 87, Rødovre . The price is 200 dkk Monday-Friday , 300 dkk Saturday-Sunday .
 • We could also deliver over longer distances. Please email us at mirabellabakery@gmail.com
 • Pricing: Starting at 550 dkk for single-digit cakes. Contact us for a detailed quote based on your specific requirements.

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