About Us


We're on a mission to bring you a delicious cake just in time!

CAKERS is here to help you make all those special occasions in your life truly memorable with scrumptious cakes that are sure to please everyone. CAKERS is one of the newest online cake boutiques in Copenhagen, and you are in for a treat.

Founder of the Cakers

With the mission to fill your life with happiness and joy, Natalia’s endeavour to start her own online cake boutique happened more due to happenstance. Born in Russia, Natalia moved to Ireland and completed her education in the field of business in Dublin, she was always a free spirit at heart, and so she took to exploring her passion for baking.

An avid baker since she was a child, Natalia sought to set aside her aspirations for business to truly learn the art of baking. Her marriage took her to Italy, where she pursued her passion for baking. There, she received her training as a baker and pastry chef. Pouring her heart and soul into mastering the art of creating delicious cakes, she spent a considerable amount of her time participating in workshops led by the very best chefs from all over the world.

A few years ago, she travelled to Denmark and simply fell in love with Copenhagen. The people, the culture, and the place itself inspired her and sparked the drive and motivation to deliver the best of what she had to offer: The most delicious cakes to commemorate the most special occasions for the very special people in Copenhagen. Natalia thought that it was about time she started putting her education in business to use by combining it with her extensive experience in perfecting the art of baking. Thus, she started CAKERS in 2022.